Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is One Epic Knight?
A: One Epic Knight is an endless run game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch where you play as... one epic knight, recovering stolen Loot from a winding medieval dungeon.

Q: Will One Epic Knight be released on (insert platform here)?
A: We do have plans to release on multiple platforms. Stay tuned to, or follow us on Twitter @OneEpicKnight for breaking news about all new releases.

Q: How do I move?
A: The Epic Knight is always running – you swipe left or right to change lanes, and also swipe left or right to turn corners. The Knight will jump if you swipe upwards, and slide if you swipe downwards. Use these moves to position the Knight to avoid traps, collect Loot, pick up Swords and Shields to defend himself, and snag other goodies like Meat and Mana Crystals.

Q: Traps, what traps?
A: The dungeon is perilous! Be aware of collapsed walls, spike traps, chasms, and of course, Gorks and Jelly Cubes. These are all among many dangers the Epic Knight will encounter.

Q: But swords and shields?
A: That wasn’t really a full question. Anyway, swords and shields are scattered about in the dungeon. If the Epic Knight runs over one, he will pick it up! Swords are used to slay critters, while Shields can be used to protect the Knight from obstacles AND critters. Using a sword on a critter will also earn you a Loot bonus! Destroying a critter or obstacle will also destroy the Sword or Shield, so use them wisely!

Q: Meat and what crystals?
A: Mana Crystals! These purple crystals found in the dungeon will power-up the Epic Knight. Collecting four will result in “Mana Madness” – for a brief time, the Knight will automatically run much faster, become invincible, and collect all nearby Loot! Meat, if picked up, will cause the Knight to go on a Rampage! You’ll retain control of the Epic Knight, become invincible, and get a HUGE multiplier boost for as long as the Rampage lasts.

Q: What’s a multiplier?
A: The multiplier is in the top left corner of the screen. If you smash through an obstacle or a critter, you’ll add one to the multiplier. All score gains are multiplied by that number for a brief time. After a short while, the number will decrease – unless you smash through another obstacle or critter!

Q: What do I do with all this Loot?
A: Head to the Store! There, you can spend your hard-earned Loot to improve your Sword and Shield, boost the effectiveness of Rampage and Mana Madness, and even make more valuable Loot appear in the dungeon. Also, there are lots of Potions that you can buy to make the Epic Knight even more epic! For more information on all of these items, check the Info section of the website.