There's a lot going on in One Epic Knight! This section is just for you, avid player, to learn everything there is to know to help you survive the dungeon! 


Feats are where you can go to see your accomplishments in One Epic Knight! In addition to your high scores, you can see individual achievements that you have completed, and the ones you have yet to unlock.


The Vault contains only the rarest of items found in the Dungeon. Be on the lookout in the Dungeon for these!

  • King’s Crown
  • Crystal Skull
  • Holy Grail
  • Temple Idol
  • Quee Statue
  • Golden Stitch
  • Golden Teapot
  • Puzzle Cube
  • Black Pearl
  • Tinypedia
  • Ming Vase
  • Silver Ankh


The Multiplier in the upper left corner of the screen (x1 if not visible) multiplies all score gains by a given amount! You increase the Multiplier by breaking down obstacles or slaying critters in the Dungeon. The Multiplier naturally decreases over time unless you destroy something else, and the higher the Multiplier is, the quicker it will decrease - so make those Powerups count!


Powerups are objects that you can find during a run that make the Epic Knight even more epic!  Simply run over or through one to pick it up! Powerups include:

  • Weapon - Lets the Knight run through an enemy critter without dying, and kills the critter! This also gives the Knight a 10 Loot bonus, and adds 1 to the multiplier. Weapons are used up when you slay a critter.
  • Shield - A Shield allows the Knight to run through an obstacle OR critter without dying, adding 1 to the multiplier. Shields are used up when you destroy an obstacle or bash a critter.
  • Rampage - MEAT!!! Hanging from the Dungeon ceiling, grabbing a turkey leg will cause the Knight to go on a Rampage - able to run through all obstacles and critters without dying (or using up your Weapons or Shields). Rampage is a key to increasing your Multiplier.
  • Mana Crystal - These are purple crystals scattered about in the Dungeon - once you collect 4, the Epic Knight will be temporarily overcome by Mana Madness! During Mana Madness, the Knight becomes invulnerable and speeds up - crushing obstacles in his path, and automatically collecting all Loot and Treasure Chests along the way!


Powerups and Loot can be upgraded 6 times in the Store!

Weapon Upgrades

  1. Kill two critters with one weapon!
  2. Killing a critter with a weapon increases multiplier by 2.
  3. Critters killed with a weapon drop 20 loot.
  4. Kill 3 critters with one weapon!
  5. Killing a critter with a weapon increases multiplier by 3.
  6. Critters killed with a weapon drop 30 loot.

Shield Upgrades

  1. Smashing stuff adds 2 to your Multiplier instead of 1!
  2. Smashing stuff adds 3 to your Multiplier instead of 2!
  3. Smash through two things with one shield!
  4. Smashing stuff adds 4 to your Multiplier instead of 3!
  5. Smashing stuff adds 5 to your Multiplier instead of 4!
  6. Smash through three things with one shield!

Rampage Upgrades

  1. Doubles your Multiplier for the duration of Rampage!
  2. Rampage lasts longer!
  3. Get 10 Loot for each thing you smash!
  4. Triples your Multiplier for the duration of Rampage!
  5. Rampage lasts even longer!
  6. Quadruples your Multiplier for the duration of Rampage!

Mana Upgrades

  1. Makes Mana Crystals appear more often!
  2. Mana Madness lasts longer!
  3. Makes Mana Crystals appear more often!
  4. Mana Madness lasts even longer!
  5. Makes Mana Crystals appear more often!
  6. Mana Madness lasts a lot longer!

Loot Upgrade

  1. Treasure chests drop 20 Loot!
  2. Gems will appear in the dungeon after 1,000m! (Emeralds, worth 2x Coins!)
  3. Treasure chests drop 35 Loot!
  4. More valuable gems will appear in the dungeon after 2,000m! (Sapphires, worth 3x Coins!)
  5. Treasure chests drop 50 Loot!
  6. Even better gems will appear in the dungeon after 4,000m! (Rubies, worth 4x Coins!)


Potions give the Epic Knight various extra bonuses during a run. They are purchased in the Store using Loot.

  • Potion of Not Dying - Gives the player a second chance after dying!
  • Potion of Valor - Doubles ALL Multiplier gains for the run, and halves the rate at which it decays.
  • Potion of Insane Speed - Activates Mana Madness for the first 1000m of the run!
  • Potion of Extortion - Triples the Loot earned from killing critters with a Weapon.
  • Potion of Power - All Powerups appear much more frequently in the Dungeon.
  • Potion of Fireballs - Three Fireballs encircle the Epic Knight, and blast Critters in the distance! These Fireballs regenerate over time.
  • Potion of Lightning - Your fist charges up with the power of Lightning, allowing you to freely smash through any obstacle! It recharges quickly, but you only get one charge at a time. Use each charge as fast as possible to get the most out of it! 
  • Potion of Mana Metabolism - Mana Madness triggers upon collecting three Mana Crystals instead of four!


Trinkets grant the Epic Knight incredible powers. A Trinket must only be purchased once, and then you own it forever! Equip up to two Trinkets before a run, and mix and match to come up with the combination that suits you best!

  • Armory Key - Treasure Rooms contain Weapons and Shields instead of treasure chests!
  • Crystal Baller - Mana Madness also picks up Weapons and Shields!
  • Equip-O-Matic - You have a chance to gain a Shield or Weapon whenever you destroy something!
  • Monkey Paw - Revive yourself upon dying after 3,000 meters, and again after 10,000 meters!
  • Moon Rock Slippers - Float gently to the ground! (Extends the Epic Knight's jumping ability)
  • Pouch O' Potions - Drinking a potion grants you a random potion effect every 2,000 meters!
  • Turkey Bone Amulet - Smashing anything while rampaging extends your rampage!


Outfits are fun, costume changes for the Epic Knight! Run through the dungeon with some style, and get some extra Epic Knight one-liners while you're at it!

  • Chicken Suit
  • Dread Knight
  • Marathon Knight
  • Mayor Knight